Multi-desk showcase – Dairy product & Daily (Fresh)

3°C to 7°C. Remote type. Reach-in type

  • All-metal exterior; soft lines, and a simple and rich texture
  • Micro-computer digital-display temperature controller
  • Energy-saving rectifier
  • Energy-saving, double air curtain design
  • Standardly equipped with T5 fluorescent exterior lights and T8 fluorescent interior lights
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Standardly equipped with price tag covers that are guaranteedto protect the tags and are easy for customers to view
  • Refrigerant: R22, R404A, and R407F
  • Optional mirror and curved mirror
  • Optional covered support truss
  • Optional guard for the return-air-vent shelf
  • Optional EC speed-adjustable, energy-saving fan
  • Optional T5 and LED lighting
  • Optional additional glass shelf guards
  • Optional anti-reflective shelves
  • Optional decelerating cloth night curtain
  • Optional external lighting
  • Optional covered stepped truss
  • Optional additional glass-panel handrail
  • Optional LED advertising display
  • Installable glass door for the open-style refrigerated case
  • Customizable exterior color
  • Various side panels to select from
Width 1080 mm
Height 2000 mm
Handrail height 450 mm
Model Length (mm)
CPW-EXC064PD (E) 1875
CPW-EXC084PD (E) 2500
CPW-EXC024PD (E) 3750
CPW-EXC04UPD (E) 2368 (end case)
Width 1080 mm
Height 2000 mm
Handrail height 450 mm
Model Length (mm)
FPW-EXC064PD (E) 1875
FPW-EXC084PD (E) 2500
FPW-EXC024PD (E) 3750
FPW-EXC04UPD (E) 2368 (end case)

To view the product model list please download the brochure below.