Remote Showcase

A design approach that highlights display cases on the sales floor
  • By highlighting and displaying goods in the display case
  • Simple and harmonic design
  • Produce attractive sales floor
  • Easy operation
  • Improve cleanness and more hygienic
  • Meet the demands of the sales floor
  • Sturdier and more ddurable
  • Easier installation and maintenance
  • Suitable to the energy-saving and environmentally friendly era
  • Meet the energy-saving and eco-friendly world trend
  • Comprehensive application of environmental friendly refrigerants and foaming agents
Attractive high-quality harmonic shape design
A genuine, high-efficiency, double air curtain

Thermal imaging of the double air curtain.
The double air curtain saves 10% more energy than a single-layer air curtain.

Diagram of the genuine double air curtain.
The blue area is where the interior air curtain circulates.
The yellow area is where the exterior air curtain circulates.

Evaporator with adjustable fins

A sensible, high-efficiency evaporator should build up frost evenly and should cool for a long time while defrosting for a short time and infrequently. Evaporators with a fixed distance between the fins do not defrost evenly, and the side exposed to the air builds up much more frost than the rest. As the frost layer increases, the amount of air provided decreases, and the temperature rises sharply. The evaporator for the EXC system, however, has an adjustable design. The distance between the fins that are exposed to the air increases, while the distance between those on the lee side stays the same. When frost builds up unevenly, this diffence is increased further to reduce temperature fluctuations inside, thereby shortening the defrost time which has the substantial benefit of saving power.

A configuration designed to ergonomically suit Asian people

Illustration of an Asian woman with average height examining the products

Illustration of an Asian woman with average height picking up a product from the top shelf

Illustration of an Asian woman with average height picking up a product from the bottom shelf

Making the products easy to see and reach is the fundamental design principle behind each dimension. Dimensions such as the height, the width, the handrail height, and the shelf width have all been optimized with a thorough consideration for the particulars of Asian ergonomics to better suit the Asian female shopper.

Comprehensive energy-saving solution

LED and T5 fluorescent lighting

Heat-recovery system

EC speed adjustable, energy-saving fan

Based on the conditions of different retail sales floors, Panasonic provides customers with a comprehensive energy-saving solution, including energy-saving refrigeation systems design, optimized control-system configurations, advanced energy-saving equipment implementation, and guidance and instruction for economical operation.

Electronic System Control & Monitoring
  • The digital-display micro controller has complete control over the operation of the refrigerated display.
  • Integrated lighting control.
  • Single-switch start / stop refrigeration.
  • Equipped with a remote communication function and greater scalability
  • Implements diverse energy-saving functions.