Beverage Cooler

Beverage Refrigerator & Beverage Cooler Fridge

At Coolcare, we sell all commercial beverage refrigerator and beverage cooler fridge at an affordable price to all business owners in Malaysia. Our beverage refrigerator comes in large and small sizes that you can choose according to your own business needs and preferences. 

These beverage cooler fridge at Coolcare are also built to be spacious enough to store lots of bottles, canned drinks and other beverages at a cool temperature. The temperatures are also easily adjustable based on how cool you want to keep your drinks and preserve them until your customer buys the drink from you.

Beyond that, our beverage refrigerators are energy-saving and good for the environment. If you run a hypermarket, supermarket or a convenience store, you can cut down on lots of electricity costs and consumption for your business by using our beverage refrigerators.

Click here to buy our beverage refrigerator today. Or if you have any further queries or questions, you can always contact our team here. We would be more than happy to assist you.

If you would like to learn more about our product, below are the top reasons why our beverage refrigerators are widely used and trusted by many businesses throughout Malaysia.

  • Lighting Display

    Display lighting equipped inside the door for attracting to product

  • Digital Thermostat

    The temperature is controlled by digital thermostat with temperature digital display

  • Thermo Forming Plastic

    Inner cabinet is made from Thermo Foaming plastic, upmost anti-scratching and anticorrosion

  • Automatic Door Closed
  • Adjustable Shelf Height

    Free style display for multi-size of beverage

  • Double Glasses Door
  • Double Fan Circulation

    Double cold air circulation all over cabinet, reduce energy and compressor working(Selected model)

  • New Electric Parts Box