Plug In Freezer FPS-EXC3085

Remote showcase – Fish & Meat

-2°C to 2°C. Semi-Multi-Deck type.

  • The soft form of textures is designed with deniality in mind for the customer.
  • The displayed foods are made conspicuous by simple and smart design.
  • New slim line canopy
  • New stylish bottom panels and trims give modern appearance.
  • Smooth, curved handrail.
  • Energy Saving
  • Various exterior colour
  • Shape of side panel: Common, Luxury, Mirror
FPS-EXC3085 fig1
Height of Handrail 550 mm
Height 1350 mm
Width 1080 mm
Model Length (mm)
FPW-EXC3065 1875
FPW-EXC3085 2500
FPW-EXC3025 3750