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Open Showcase Chiller, Plug In Freezer, Refrigerated Display Cases & More

Coolcare is an online commercial and industrial refrigeration company in Malaysia that sells remote refrigerator showcases to all retail outlets, convenience stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets and relevant businesses in the country. 

Are you looking for a
plug in freezer, open showcase chiller, or refrigerated display cases? If so, you are in the right place. All of our products at Coolcare are durable, easy to maintain, the installation process is also fast and easy, pre-built with energy saving functions, and are environmentally friendly. You can visit our showcase freezer if you are looking for one!

Above that, our products are built at the ideal height and width to ensure that you have enough space to display your products such as vegetables, fruits, cartons of milk, groceries and many other types of refrigerated food.

Aside from that, we ensure that our remote refrigerator showcases are capable of storing food at the right temperature so that the food displayed will remain good and fresh before its expiration date. All these features make our refrigerators the best choice for your selection. 

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