Coolcare After-sales Support Services

Coolcare will provide a comprehensive range of support and services which will be consistent with the client’s requirements to smoothly install the equipment and also to develop self-sufficiency in maintenance.

These Support and Service include :-

  1. Sales Support
  2. Training Support
  3. Maintenance Support

Coolcare Sales Support

The Coolcare Sales personnel will work closely with your designated personnel in the implementation of the approved proposals. The prime objective is to liase with your staff and help to co-ordinate the resources to best aid your implementation and to gain feedback from you staff.

The Coolcare Sales Support activities include :-

  • Equipment Appreciation
  • Arrange and Co-ordinate Traning
  • Co-ordinate Customer Maintenance Services
  • Co-ordinate Delivery
Coolcare Training Support

In line with your requirements for a successful installation and to develop self-sufficiency as soon as possible, the Coolcare Training Support will provide for User Training to assist the users to familiarize with the equipment.

Coolcare Maintenance Support

Coolcare will provide the customer with necessary spare part and labour (without extra cost) and attend to any breakdown of the equipment for 1 2 months from the date of testing and commissioning.

After the warranty period, the customer will have an option to choose the type of maintenance services as follow :-

Annual Maintenance Agreement
  1. Twelve (12) monthly preventive maintenance services to check on the equipment installed and or any moving parts of the equipment.
  2. 24 hours breakdown service availability.
  3. Two (2) months guarantee on each repair job against manufacturing defects on spare parts replaced and workmanship excluding excessive wear and tear, negligence, damages resulting from lighting, flood, etc.

The Maintenance Cost of this scheme are as follows :-

  • Annual Service charges payable in advance upon signing of agreement.
  • Breakdown service charges at special pre-determined prices on labour and spare parts.
Time And Material

The Coolcare Maintenance Support team will provide services as and when required by the customer on receipt of any breakdown calls. Maintenance cost of this scheme will be based on :-

  1. Per breakdown call basis
  2. Labour time utilised
  3. List of spare parts replaced
  4. Any mileage charges as required