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Reach-in Refrigerators

Coolcare has been a long established brand in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We aim to provide our customers with the best kitchen cabinets or reach-in refrigerators that are well-suited to their business needs. 

The reach-in refrigerators provided at Coolcare are mainly Sanyo brands. This is because Sanyo refrigerators are built with wide openings which allows for large and small items to be stored inside, or taken out with ease. 

Based on your business needs, you can choose from a variety of Sanyo model refrigerators at Coolcare. We have refrigerator models that produce a much higher cooling capacity, and other models that do not have a cooling capacity that is as high.

All of our kitchen cabinets or reach-in refrigerators have a simple and easy to use digital temperature control where you can use it to determine the ideal temperature for your items stored inside, and it also allows you to defrost it manually.

Continue reading below to understand why our refrigerators are the best product choice for your business in Malaysia. Or click here now to purchase a reach-in refrigerator at Coolcare. 

If you have any further queries, you can contact our team here. Our team is more than happy to answer your questions and serve you to the best of our capabilities.

Sanyo's Reach In Refrigerators

Sanyo’s refrigerators and freezers do not have a pillar in the center, and this means that they have a wide opening, allowing large containers to be put in and taken out with ease. Since there is no dead space, full use can be made of the spacious interior.

Excellent cooling capacity even in high-temperature environments
Reach In Refrigerators 43 celsius

If the product is to be used in high-temperature environments, you can choose the model according to cooling capacity. The FC series models have “tropical” specifications, enabling them to be used in temperatures up to 43°C, for example in the heat of summer and in hot kitchen environments.

(Ambient temperature of 43°C: Refrigerator temperature range -4°C~10°C, freezer -20°C~-10°C*)
(Ambient temperature of 30°C: Refrigerator temperature range -6°C~12°C, freezer -25°C~-15°C*)
*No load

Large holding volume & user-friendly
Reach In Refrigerators dimensions

The top compartment is at an easy-to-use height. Moreover, the height of the interior of the product is 150mm taller, giving it a large holding volume. It’s easy to see inside, and the design makes it more efficient to use.

Reducing the environmental load

Simple temperature control
Reach In Refrigerators cabinet temperature

It is easy to set the cabinet temperature.
Since it is digital, you can immediately determine the condition (temperature/defrost), and can manually set it to defrost. The product is equipped with a function to output a record of the temperature data, which is useful for checking the state of food preservation and determining whether a fault has occured.

Specs that place priority on hygiene
Reach In Refrigerators stainless steel interior
1. All models have a stainless-steel interior

The stainless-steel interior is highly resistant to rust and scratches.

Reach In Refrigerators easy to clean ball corners
2. Easy to clean ball corners

All corners are ball corners, making cleaning easy.

Reach In Refrigerators antibacterial, antifungal
3. Antibacterial, antifungal specs

The door handle and racks, which come into contact with various bacteria, have antibacterial properties.
The door packing is also given antifungal treatment, improving hygiene.

Easy to install
Reach In Refrigerators detachable cooling unit

Since the cooling unit can be detached, it is convenient for transportation and installation when entranceways are narrow. Further, the legs can be easily removed.

Reach In Refrigerators flexibility

It is possible to change the specs flexibly to suit the needs of your business, for example, adjust the height of the wheels and legs, change the direction that the door opens, change the shape of the top panel, or change the unit position to the right-ahnd side (only for horizontal types).

Explanation of Model No.
Reach In Refrigerators model number