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Drink Refrigerators, Panasonic Chest Freezers in Malaysia & More

At Coolcare, we sell a wide range of
Panasonic chest freezer products that you can select based on your business needs and requirements. The temperature inside most of our Panasonic chest freezers starts around 18°C or 20°C and is commonly at an ambient temperature of 35°C. 

The temperature control is smartly designed at the front, so that the user can adjust the temperature easily and conveniently. Moreover, our chest freezers are made to be long lasting. They are made from copper which helps to prevent corrosion, and also built using ‘Electro Galvanized Steel’ for durability. We also have drink refrigerators such as beverage coolers and beverage refrigerator for sale. Places such as convenience stores, restaurants and hypermarkets commonly need these beverage coolers to operate and function as part of their business daily.

Our best beverage coolers for sale also have adjustable temperatures and they are designed in different sizes, both large and small, to suit your business needs. Such drink refrigerators are great for storing soft drinks, beverages, beer and many other products. 

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