Buy Plug In Showcase Refrigerators

Showcase Freezers & Other Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Coolcare is among the best industrial refrigeration companies in Malaysia. We have a wide range of
plug in showcase refrigerators sold at our company for your selection. 

All of our
industrial refrigeration system have a strong power supply that keeps and preserves the freshness of the food and drinks stored inside. Our team is capable of customising the refrigerator according to your business needs, so that you can run your business smoothly. 

Unlike household fridges,
plug in showcase refrigerators such as a standing showcase freezer and a chest showcase freezer are designed to be more spacious to store more frozen food, dairy products and ice packs. This makes such freezers ideal for businesses, restaurants, convenience stores, hypermarkets and other relevant stores.

At Coolcare, our standing freezers are available with one and two open doors so that you can select the right one based on your own preference. These freezers are made to be durable and have a long lasting
industrial refrigeration system that is ideal for commercial use. 

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