Buy Walk In Coldroom / Ice Machine

Walk In Cold Room Supplier Malaysia

walk in cold room is a storage that is built to store items that need to be frozen or chilled to a specific temperature. Over the years, Coolcare has worked with numerous clients to build and design  their walk in cold room. As such, we are confident that our years of extensive experience can help you build the perfect cold room to meet your business needs. 


Hoshizaki & Grant Ice Machine

Hoshizaki ice machine makes flake ice and nuggets of ice cubes. Restaurants often use ice machine makers to prepare drinks, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages for their customers.

For flake ice, this machine is capable of making a daily ice production capacity of 600kg, whereas it is able to produce nuggets of ice daily at 530kg. As such, choosing the right ice machine maker is important. That is why we recommend getting the
Hoshizaki ice machine. 

On the other hand, our
Grant ice machine uses advanced computers that will automatically control the whole ice making process, which makes it convenient and easy to use and requires low maintenance only just once in a while.

Moreover, our
Grant ice machine is built with great quality from low temperature alloy steel that improves refrigeration efficiency and cuts the cost of running.